WR licensed for the road?

Has anyone out there had any luck with licensing a WR (250, 400 or 426) or an XR for the road in New York. I'm ready to buy a WR, but now I'm understanding how hard it is to put one of these bikes on the road. I know you can get the parts through Baja Design, but it's the DMV I'm worried about. Since the bikes title states "for off road use only" this raises a red flag at the DMV. Anyone have any input on this? If not in NY how about any other state in the Northeast?



Vermont will tag your bike. You need a title or an MSO. Search the archives, there's been a lot of discussion about this topic in the past.

New York stopped Dual Sporting dirtbikes as of last year. I was told this by a New York dealer and Baja Designs. I Dual Sported mine in PA but also live here.

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