XR650R HELP!!!


I've been working on my recently purchased (used) '00 XR650R.

First of all, the bolt that holds the subframe to the main frame, at the top, where the subframe pivots. It has no nut on it!! The bolt comes in from the right side, sticks through but no nut. It appears that the subframe is slightly marked from a washer or something. Furthermore, the bolt is tight, but hardly sticks out more than a 1/4 - 3/8". My manual doesn't say jack. Is there supposed to be a washer/lock washer/nut on there!!!!????

Second, what's the deal with the dipstick hitting inside the frame as you screw it in? Mine is kinda twisted because every turn it hits and then slips past the frame. Obviously, straight dipsticks hit too, or else mine wouldn't be twisted. Any fixes???

Finally, I've got the open intake manifold, airbox restrictions removed, White Bros. pipe, bigger main jet, and needle in 4th position. My idle kinda surges, it doesn't keep a steady idle. If I blip the throttle, it idles down, but only for a minute, then it surges back and forth. I've checked thoroughly for airleaks, and can't find anything obvious. I'm pretty sure my stock 68 pilot jet is too lean for my setup. Is the "68s" pilot I've read about any richer?? Should I go up a whole size bigger on the pilot??

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I looked at my subframe and there is no bolt so it must be ok

The subframe bolt threads into the subframe, you're ok there. The dipstick is the way it is.

the stock pilot jet is a 65. A 68 will help but the 68s flows differently, it's a better choice IMO. You might try lowering the idle a little to cure the surge.

Have fun,

check your slide return spring in your carb, my brother-in-law had a similar thing happen. the bike would run fine but it would kind of catch a high idle and if you blipped the throttle it would go down but next time you hit the throttle it would stick up. strange but true, it was the Honda dealer that put a kink in the spring. once fixed, it ran fine.




The dipstick is a pain. I tried cutting 1/2" off the end. It was still a pain. I bought an XRs Only temperature dipstick. It is round, has a small diameter, lets you know what the oil temperature is and goes in alot easier. Also, the stock dipstick has plastic threads and they will cross thread and be ruined easily. I was afraid of a piece of plastic falling into the oil cavity. The XRs Only dipstick is metal. Very nice!! :D

A lot of people have complained about the idle wandering around. I turned down the idle speed a little and over time the problem has gone away (I now have about 500 miles on the BRP.

Remember to roll-on the throttle or you will experience a slight bog/hestitation. Then the power kicks in. :)

I respect the power of the BRP, especially down low and always roll-on the power in turns. :D


If you haven't done so already, you may also want to check your valve clearances and make adjustments if necessary.

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