electric shock

I went riding this week end and I think I received an electric shock from my alu hand guards.

I don't recall wiring my hand guards :cry:

What should I check first? Any tips?

Thanks :cry:

DUDE!!! That's amazing!! I was just about to post that I have noticed the same thing!! If I am on a long straight, running 4th or 5th gear, I get a shock if my fingers bump against the brake or clutch lever. &%$#@! is this all about???


Yep, been there, been shocked like that. I was in the desert in California running flat out in 5th and was getting the sh*t shocked out of my hands. A little electrical tape underneath the kill switch and the problem is gone. I put some around the hand guard on the left grip, too, just to make sure. Haven't had any problems since!

Well I am an older rider, so a little shock every now and then will do me good, dont have to worry about needing a pacemaker. :cry:


May be your pacemaker went crazy while you were doing those double and triple jumps last weekend !

:cry: :cry: :cry:

That makes sense. You know why? Well because these problems started just when I had my Renthal installed last year. The first time it occured, I thought I had something working bad in my shoulder or something... Only when I went riding with Sylvain last week end (pictures to come), I realized that was an electrical shock...

I'll try the tape.



If I'm correct, it's the same as an automobile. kinda like the rubber on glass (sand) type experiment. At some point the bike may have had a chance to ground out and all the static electricity that was stored on you was discharged. I remember at a toll booth zapping an attendant, as well as seeing a gas can combust because a guy left it in the bed of his truck while filling it. You gotta love static electricity! :cry:

That has happened to me when riding in the rain and soaking wet. How to fix it? No idea :cry:

Are you guys wearing gloves when this happens? Seems like it wouldnt be able to go through gloves. I can't imagine static electricity being that strong? Would scare the crap out of ya I bet. Maybe wrap your levers with electrical tape or something else non-conductive. :cry:

I thought that this only happened to me. Can't tell you how glad I am to hear that others are getting electrocuted as well.

Here's my theory: the leather on the knees of my riding pants rubs against the plastic of the gas tank, creating an electrical charge (like the elementary school science experiment using animal fur and an amber rod to create a static electricity discharge). And if the charge is large enough, it will shock you through your gloves.

The way I fixed it: buy some liquid electrical tape at Home Depot and paint the brake and clutch lever with it. Problem solved.

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