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Snowed while riding Taneum 9/18/04

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Well I rode Taneum on Saturday. The parking lot at the Junction was jammed packed because of a cross country running event they have every year. They used trail 1377 as their course, so I took 1363 all the way to the Southfork intersection. Then I rode down to 1377 thinking the foot race must be over. I was wrong so I decided to see how slow I could ride 1377 all the way back to the Junction it was kinda fun but not something I would wanna make a habit of doing.

Anyway at the highest elevation on 1363 it started snowing on me. It didn't stick but it was definately a dry type snow. You know the real small flakes. Our riding time at Taneum is definately limited. If the weather pattern does not change soon, we will be snowed out before the middle of October. :cry:

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