Keep blowing fork seals on my 01 WR

Use a sharpening stone(for knives) and light oil to remove them, just go slow and don't go too deep....just take the sharp edges off. And when you install the new seal, use the bag it comes in to cover the end of the tbe before you slide the seal on, it'll protect the seal from cuts.... :cry:

Can you be more specific about which Honda bike we can interchange the fork seals ?

Just got back from my local red shop. I asked my buddy which Honda fork seals will work in our blue bikes, and he told me "anything for a 46 mm fork. CR125, CR250 and even CR500."

He said they are even (usually) cheaper than you can get at the blue shop, and Honda bikes don't have weepy fork seals.

For what its' worth.


If you have to get new legs from ebay keep this in mind. The chrome legs have not changed since 96. They are all the same. You could probably pick one up for a song and install it in your new forks.

The brake mounts are different. Hopefully yours is screwed up on the opposite side. The axle size changed over the years, but I believe this is only on the wheel bearing portion. I dont think the axle od ever changed up to 2003.

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