Just bought a 2003 XR 650 R

Last week I bought a 2003 Honda XR 650 R. The bike was sold on consignment, so the only thing the guy could tell me about the bike was that the guy was moving out of state and didn't want to take the bike with him.

The things I do know about it are that it was bought originally June 8th of 04. It has a White Bros E series pipe, Renthall bars and a graphics kit.

Now it's been awhile since Ive ridden any dirt bikes (like 10 years). Im trying to inform myself on the bike, trails, and things I need to do to the bike or find out what has been done to it already. Can anyone help. Thanks

You'll enjoy the bike! I bought mine about 2 years ago. Hadn't had a bike in 15 years.

Go immediately to Eric's site at www.xr650r.us and read, read, read. Then do, do, do. The preventative maintenance on this bike is very necessary! :cry:

Good luck!


Congrats on the purchase. I just bought a brand new 03 about 2 weeks back with a street kit installed. Havn't ridden much (12 mi) because I'm waiting to Oct to register.

Thanks for the info, Im printing the stuff out right now.

You'll love it. It is a great all around bike. :cry:

Grease everything you can on the bike. From the steering head bearings to the rear axle and linkages. The bike has "zero" grease from the factory. Had to punch out my swingarm bolt with only 600 miles on it.

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