i assume this is a good thing by reading the posts. but i don't know what has to be done. please list the steps because my local shop didn't help thanks in advance.

1) Replace the stock intake manifold with the "Power Up" manifold.

2) Remove the small rubber snorkel and rectangular plastic peice from your airbox.

3) Replace the stock muffler insert with the Power Up baffle.

4) Replace stock carb needle with the Power Up needle, with the clip in the middle position.

5) Install a 175 main jet.

Your dealer can get all the parts needed.

Don't forget the 68s pilot jet.

I also found that my bike ran better with the original needle, with the clip in the middle position.

I'm not sure what all of the part#'s are but if your Honda shop doesn't know what your talking about then got to another one and ask them.

My local Honda shop's parts man had a hard time finding this stuff for some reason.

My bike has this. Open intake manifold

175 main jet

stock needle, clip in middle

68s pilot jet

W.B. E-series exhaust, 12 disks

Here are the Honda part numbers...


16211-MBN-640 Insulator, Carb $13.25 $9.84

99105-MBN-068 68s pilot jet $7.98 $5.93

99101-357-1750 Main Jet 175 $10.93 $8.11

16012-MBN-641 B53E, Needle set $21.67 $16.09

18317-MBN-640 Arrester comp,Spark $140.04 $101.28

The discount prices are from Service Honda's web site at www.servicehonda.com Service Honda has about the best prices I've found for OEM Honda parts. You can also get these parts in a kit from Baja Designs for about the same price at the following link:


If you're short on cash or want to cut corners, you can drill out your existing silencer instead of buying the competition insert/baffle. You can also cut out your existing manifold/insulator to be less restrictive, but that's only a it $9.84 part when new.

Here's some pics from someone who used a hole saw to cut out their exhaust insert/baffle to improve performance instead of buying the competition insert/baffle.

http://www.xr650r.net/P1s.jpg (2 inch hole saw in end of tip)

http://www.xr650r.net/P3s.jpg (actual end piece that you remove)

http://www.xr650r.net/epatip_modifieds.jpg (completed piece)

Also note that your jetting will vary with altitude and temperature and the parts I've listed are the common parts many people often refer to when using the term "uncorked".

Good luck!

You can also goto

http://xr650r.net for all the instructions needed in one spot.

Just click on the link "making the XR650R run right"

Just thought that I would add some comments...

I did successfully drill out the baffle using a 2" hollow bit (like the one on you will see on the www.xr650r.net site). You can pick one up at Home Depot...I actually went through two. Don't forget the light cutting oil. It takes some time, but definitely cheaper than buying the Honda replacement, or going with an aftermarket system...and, although the sound level is increased a bit (nothing extreme), it now truly has the deep sound that should be observed (it can breathe).

I ride mostly in the North Phoenix area, and have successfully settled on the 68s idle jet, 172 main, and third clip on the needle. I replaced the manifold with the Honda replacment part, as well as removing the airbox restrictions. All said, I notice a tremendous increase in mid and upper power. All of these modifications come in at a very reasonable price, especially considering the increase in performance.

Good luck, and happy riding.

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