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Cams, chains, kinks and jetting!

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So, got my stage 1 Hot Cam this weekend along with my shim kit. All I can say is, everyone who owns a 4-stroke should invest in this shim kit! It's stacked! Well, the install of the cam was pretty uneventful, until I was aligning TDC and my cam chain kinked! Anybody ever do this? Man, I spent 2 and a half HOURS trying to rip it apart with vice grips, all the while trying not to bend the links or stretch the chain! Finally at 6:30 at night, Pop! The kink straightens out. On to the shims. Thank goodness for shim kits! That was painless and easy. Valves were top shape. Test run: LEAN. Just grasping for fuel anywhere past 1/4 throttle. Lots of popping too. Being that I was running way rich with my 488 kit, I had to jet it down some from stock. So I went back to stock jetting, 42 pilot, 165 main, fuel screw 1 3/4 turns out. Started up one kick, very slight cracking on decel, slightly lean in the middle. I'm lowering the clip one spot from stock, and that should do it. No humungous difference from my big bore install. Maybe getting the jetting worked out and then opening it up at the track will give me more insight.

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