YZF 450 Powerband?

I am curious as to what the power is like on the 450? I have an 03 YZ250 that I love but I rode my bro-in-law's 04 CRF450 and the traction was unbelievable. I had been watching him ride and he was hooking up in all the flat corners while I just slid thru each one. I just thought he was better at cornering than me. But then I asked to ride it. They 450 hooked up everywhere no matter what the dirt was like. I could gas it hard in places that my 03YZ would break free. THe powerband was supersmooth unless you opened it up and it hit hard. How does the YZF compare to the CRF?

I am from the crowd that has heard that the yzf is too much bike and that its hard to ride. How different are the 2 thumpers? I wanna stay blue and the YZF's are definitely cheaper but I am concerned the bike is tiring to ride. My YZ fatigues me enuff as it is.

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