Suspension revalved by Barnum's Pro Products

Hi all, I just wanted to tell you I spent this last weekend visting Rob Barnum of Barnum's Pro Products to have him revalve my suspension on the BRP.

I can say I was very impressed with the work that he did on my bike. Rob is an encyclopedia of motorcycle knowledge! I was able to watch him work and took a few photos along the way while he worked. I had no idea that modern suspension was so complicated. His attention to detail was amazing. I asked him about other suspension mods like gold valves and such. He said that they are good for older types of suspension but are not needed with the suspension on the BRP. I was

able to spend the latter part of last Friday with Rob watching him work on my bike.

The next morning I was able to meet up with Rob and another fellow lister and we headed out to Lucerne Valley to ride. Wow, can he move! Rob held the number one plate for district 37 not too long ago so I was really happy that he would go riding with us. The suspension was much plusher in the initial stroke then firmed up nicely midstroke.

I can honestly say the work he did improved the ride on the BRP. Going through woops at race speed is now just a twist of the throttle away. No longer did I end up slowing to go through a bunch of wooped out sections of jeep roads.

After meeting with Rob and watching him work, I can honestly say I will never trust anyone else to work on my bike! He is a class act.

Look for the photos and a more extensive ride review in the next few weeks on

If you have any questions, email me.

Brian Hoth

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