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Baja Ride

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WOW!!! What a great time!

We left for Ensenada Thursday evening, me, BiggieG, Dan, Randy and Paul. Not too bad of a drive to Mexico, once Dan and Randy finally made it to pick us up... they had a small conversation with the CHP.

After checking in the hotel and grabbing a beer, off we set on a mission to find some food. Not much is open at 2am in Ensenada.. finally found BiggieG's favorite Hotdogs-n-Bacon! Maybe it was that I was starving and it was 2am.. but those things were awesome!!! After finishing off most of the poor guys supplies, we were off to bed.

Up bright and early on Friday to prep the bikes, load the gear and grab a coffee. Biggie and me were the newbies to Baja so we weren't sure what to expect. Our plans were for a 150-mile trip to Mike's sky ranch that day then a 200-mile trip to the coast and back to Ensenada, Saturday.

Off we set on the first 150 miles... loaded with tools, parts, fuel and water. While passing thru downtown we stopped for coffee... We didn't even get 1 mile... That's ok.. nice chats with the locals and some free muffins we were ready to roll, the coffee was great and the Barista's were even better!

This ride was awesome! nothing around for 50 miles. Fire roads, Single track, Sand whoops, rocks.. you name it! We stopped in the pine forest, great place. Randy got busted for fertilizing the habitat so we moved on (hotdogs were acting up on him). Stopped at a little shack for some fuel and pop. This old guy pumps the gas out of 55 gal. drums in to gallon milk jugs.

Half way into the day, my chain buffer took a crapper. Chain was trashed but still holding together. Paul had a front flat so we stopped in a small town to get that fixed up. Still a great day of riding.

Once we get to mike's we notice a tour of off road cars were there. Don't know how long they had been there but they had made a few visits to Mike's bar. One guy fell in the pool.. just standing there and fell in.. what a riot. Mike's was awesome...

Speaking of Hotdogs taking their toll... Once we got to Mike's, Ole Dan left a nice stench in the bathroom of our room. He forgot that me and BiggieG needed to take showers yet!!! Thanks DAN!!!

We had a good dinner and a few drinks. By the end of the night mike had run out of beer and Tequila (he makes his own Tequila). At 10pm, the generator shuts off and that's when you realize why they call it Mike's Sky Ranch. The view of the stars is simply amazing!!! You can see everything. Everyone has to experience that at least once in their lifetime.

After a SLEEPLESS night, thanks to BiggieG, we were up to prep the bikes and some breakfast. Paul cannibalized a garbage can lid to make a new chain buffer for me. Worked like a dream! (Mike: I'll bring a new lid next time) Shortly before we were to roll out, a crew of 3 guys rolled in. They got lost that night and had to sleep on the trail.

Before we left, Randy needed to leave a present for Mike (rumored to be Randy's father thru a different mother)... Let's just say, I don't think they will get that toliet unplugged for a while. Must have been the Eggs and Lymph nodes we had for breakfast.

Off to the coast we go... 5 minutes into the ride Randy looses the right foot peg and mount from his big XR650. We gather the pieces and head to town to find someone to fix the broken bolts. I felt sorry for Randy having to ride thru the whoops and rocks with only 1 peg, but he was fine.

Finally found an old guy that busted out some oldschool skills to get the bolts out without EZ Outs. $10 and we were on the road to find some metric bolts. The next town had a guy with a pile of bolts, most of them metric. The odds of finding 2 - 8mm bolts of different lengths? slim? But the guy had them. Another $5 and we were on the road!!

On the trip we visited Coyote Ranch and Meling Ranch. Both nice places, probably stay at Meling Ranch next time. Johnny Campbell and his crew were due in there for lunch in an hour or so but we couldn't wait. Had to fix Randy's bike.

Once we got to the coast, it was amazing!!! The view! Deserted beaches... 150ft cliffs... caves.. We rode on the beach, which was great!

Poor BiggieG was running low on gas and it was starting to get late so we had to find the main road and head back to Ensenada. We spent allot of time on the road, the second day, but the beaches made up for it.

Not many problems on the trip. Total damage consisted of 2 tire changes, 1 chain buffer, 1 foot peg.

Oh yes.. on the way back to Ensenada, Dan found a hillclimb. Paul first on his RM250, it was alittle softer than he thought but he made it. BiggieG on his KTM650, almost made it... 20ft from the top. I was next.. CRF450 smoked right up it, not really easy tho.. Then Big Air (Dan) smoked up with the XR650... that's when the fun began! 30ft into the run, he was going down.. he saves it, back on track for 50ft... he's going down! nope.. saves it again.. The rear end of that big 650 is everywhere... he's got it cranked and he's holding on. He gets within 15ft of the top, slows down.. not going to make it. Somehow he wheelies it into a U Turn. HE'S GOING TO RIDE IT DOWN!! He's looking good... he's pointed almost down hill when the bike spits him off. He bangs his ankle on the bike pretty good then slides down the hill about 20ft.. oh yeah.. slides down on his head! He's ok except for his ankle... the bike is in this 5ft ravine that we have to pull out.

That was 1 of his crashes this weekend. The other would've been good but all I saw was a huge dust cloud.

As I'm trying to get rooms for the night in the hotel, I see the bellboy coming in.. pushing the luggage cart.. with a chair on it.. and Randy on the chair! King Randy!! You talk about a show... Everyone in that place went up to him asking what happened.. I'm not sure what he said except I did hear.. pre-running.. 100mph... up hill.. almost saved it.. blah blah blah...

That's all the story I can tell... the rest.. well.. it stays in Mexico. But after loading up Sunday morning, Big Air Randy did have a small Autograph session in the local coffee house.

If anyone has a chance to ride Baja...DO IT!!! It was awesome and I can't wait to do it again! I have uploaded my pics so take a look: http://anvil-group.com/mexico/

Thanks again to BiggieG, Randy, Dan and Paul! It changed my life! :cry::cry:



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Glad to hear that you had a good time in mexico. Did the tank work out good for you in mexico? :cry:

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