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My friend gave me this sheet about important upcomming meetings that the DNR is putting on concerning the future of Michigan's trails. The dates and locations are:

Lansing: Oct. 12, Holiday Inn-South 7-9 pm

Grayling: Oct. 13, Holiday Inn 7-9 pm

Marquette: Oct. 14, Ramada Inn 7-9 pm

The meetings are supposed to be to decide how to spend money on the trails in the future, to build now trail, upgrade existing trail etc. Everyone in MI that is an ORVer should attend.

For more info the contact info at the end of this packet is Dick Ranney 989 469-2405 or dranney1@charter(.com?)

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DON'T FORGET! This week is the meetings. It's inportant you show up if at all possible since this could mean big changes (good or bad) or no changes in the trails here in MI.

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if nothing else send a email with your comments for them to consider. That is what I did, and they sent a response to let me know that they recieved them and they will add it to the comments

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email is a wonderful thing. I cant make it to too many of these public type meetings (riding related and school cuts related) with having two toddlers at home and the wife working nights. So usually any comments I have are sent by email. plus it is a easy way to make sure all of your comments are taken into account in the notes.

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not sure if I do, I will have to check my archived email at work. Maybe contact vantolr, he also sent a letter via email I think.

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anybody have directions to the holiday inn south coming from the detroit metro area ie: 96

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Here is the email I recieved from the CCC. It is regarding two issues, number one is a proposed ordinance to legalize atvs on Ogemaw Public Roads and the second is regarding the study of the Mich Trail System (this post). There are email addresses to send comments to.

Imagine, if you will, being able to travel from you cabin or campsite, along a County road to get to the designated trail system or from one trail to the other that are not currently interconnected, with your unlicensed (non street licensed) ORV, not to mention the future ability to access communities for fuel and food and mayhaps drive from a local motel to the trail system. Currently every Upper Peninsula County, with the exception of Mackinaw Co. (being worked on currently) has opened either all or part of or selected county roads to such travel. This along with the Forest roads being open ther has created a vast ORV transportation system. And it is working. Long range plans call for a continuation of this endeavor to include all Lower Peninsula Counties that currently have ORV trails. It is a monumental project and will need to be done one county at a time. This will be one more step in the process to reopen the forest roads to no street licensed travel.

Read on.

Ogemaw county is on the verge of approving an ordinance that will

allow ORV use on county roads. We need people at this meeting to

support the ordinance by at least 2 to 1 because of what happened in

Oscoda County when they recently had a public meeting regarding this

same issue (some local opposition).

Please make an effort to attend this meeting and be prepared to make

a brief statement because they keep track of positive and negative

comments from the audience. Presenting something as simple as "I

support this ordinance" will suffice. If you want to elaborate,

that's great.

The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan supports this ordinance and

looks forward to other counties implementing similar legislation to

better our sport. Ogemaw county, if this passes, will join

Montmorency, Presque Isle and Cheboygan counties who have similar

laws already in effect. Dr Kendall Paulson from Rose City has formed the

Ogemaw County ORV Economic Development Committee to drive this

ordinance and Ron Sape, one of our members from Rose City has acted

as our laision during the meetings to date. This ordinance has County and

police support now we need to add the ORV community support.

The meeting is at the West Branch courthouse September 22nd at 6:30

p.m. It is a big grey building on the corner of M-55 and M-30

officially called the Ogemaw County Building. From the south take

exit 212 off I-75, turn right go approximately 3 miles through town,

the building is on the left. The meeting is in the commissioners

chambers on the 1st floor.

If you can't make the meeting, you can email the county clerk with

your supportive comments for the ordinance. Send emails to

ogemawcoclerk@m33access.com (subject: ORV ordinance)

Here's a copy of the ordinance as it currently stands:

State of Michigan - County of Ogemaw

ORV Ordinance

An ordinance for the regulation of operation of ORV's in Ogemaw

County on roadways.

Sec. 1. As used in this ordinance, the following definitions shall apply:

a) "Public Road" means that portion of a county road that is

improved, maintained and used by the public for vehicular travel,

including any improved shoulders.

:cry: "Operate" means to rid in or on, and be in actual physical

control of the operation of an ORV.

c) An ORV is defined as a motor vehicle with forward movement made

possible by the use of two, three, four or six wheels with surface

contact made by rubber tires. The vehicle must have a measurement

from the ground surface to the base of seat height greater than

eight-teen inches. On three, four or six wheeled vehicles the wheel

rim diameter may not exceed thirteen inches.

d) "Road Surface" means that portion of a roadway improved,

designated, or ordinarily used for vehicular travel and does not

include within its meaning the shoulder or right-of way.

Sec. 2 An ORV may not be operated on the road surface of any

roadway, with the exception of sections of roadways that do not have

an adequate shoulder of roadway or bridge crossing allowing the ORV

to avoid contact with the road surface. In these cases the ORV must

remain to the far right of the roadway contacting the least amount of

road surface as possible.

Sec. 3 An ORV may be operated on the roadway surface of any roadway

for the purpose of crossing the roadway. The operator must bring the

ORV to a complete stop and cross at a right angle to the roadway.

Sec 4 An Orv may not be operated on the road surface, roadway,

shoulder or right-of-way of highways M-55 or M-33 except:

a) In a life-threatening emergency.

:cry: For the purpose of getting from one area to another, and operator

may cross such roadway at right angles. The operator shall bring the

ORV to a complete stop prior to crossing a roadway and shall yield

the right-of-way to incoming traffic.

Sec. 5 An Orv may be operated on the shoulder of the roadway, in the

direction of traffic in a single file manner, of all public roadways

in Ogemaw County with the exception of roadways prohibited by sec. 4.

Sec. 6 An ORV may not be operated on a public roadway at a rate of

speed higher than a posted or greater that 30 mph.

Sec. 7 An ORV must yield to all pedestrian and automobile vehicular traffic.

Sec. 8 An ORV must operate outside and not within the city limits of

West Branch and Rose City unless designated routes are established by

a city ordinance.

Sec. 9 An ORV may not be operated on a public roadway between the

hours of 11:00 pm and 6:00 am.

Sec. 10 An ORV wit a width greater than 50 inches, must have a

orange or red flag on a pole that measures at least six feet height

and properly secured to the rear left hand side.

Sec. 11 Any person who violates this ordinance is guilty of a civil

infraction, punishable by a fine of $60.00 upon the first conviction

and a $100.00 for any subsequent conviction.

Sec. 12 Any person convicted of causing destruction to the road

surface of the roadway or shoulder of the roadway will be held

responsible for full restitution to repair the roadway to its

original condition and will be guilty of a misdemeanor with an

additional fine of $250.00

More, More, More

The DNR is updating the ORV Plan and a study of the ORV program is being conducted by Dr Charles Nelson, (University of Michigan) to help determine future needs of the program. One component of the plan update and study is to gather information about the ORV Trail System. Three public meetings have been set to present general information about previous planning efforts and explain the process the Department is using to update the plan. The structure of the meetings will allow for public input into the planning process.


October 12, 7:00p.m. Holiday Inn South, 6280 South Cedar St, Lansing.

Meeting info: Contact Kim Korbecki, 517-373-2891, korbeckk@michigan.gov

October 13, 7:00p.m. Holiday Inn – Grayling,2650 Business Loop South I-75, Grayling.

Meeting info: Contact Kim Korbecki, 517-373-2891, korbeckk@michigan.gov

October 14, 7:00p.m. Ramada Inn, 412 West Washington Street, Marquette.

Meeting info: Contact Kim Korbecki, 517-373-2891, korbeckk@michigan.gov

For those who are unable to attend a meeting comments can be sent to:

Steve Kubisiak at KUBISIAS@michigan.gov

Senate Bill 1348

This bill, introduced by Senator Schauer, and has been referred to the Committee on Economic, Small Business, and Regulatory Reform.

The bill, designed to require licensing for motor racing tracks which may be known and or cited as the "motorcycle racing regulation act" was introduced on 9/8/04.

Our peliminary concerns are that it requires "until rules are promulagated" to define and stabndards for licensing and operation that the standards from the AMA and or another Nationally recoginized organization and that the Director of the Department of Labor and Economic Growth can by rule amend / supplement any such standards. Who knows what we may end up with without the input of race track owners and operators.

"Person" as defined under the bill means an individual or legal entity. This description may very well lead to regulating private non-commercial riding places such as your back yard or private land holdings.

Some pretty stiff penalties are proposed up to and including 93 days and $500 or both for operating with out a license.

We are on this bill and will keep you posted.

Go to www.michiganlegislature.org and do a bill search for 1348. Leave off the SB.

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We had 10 guys from the Traverse City, Kalkaska area go. The State has contracted MSU to study the ORV trail system issues, and devise a new plan to become effective next spring. Meeting was run by a Professor from MSU and was to collect information about, issues, ideas, concerns etc.. About 60-80 attended, lots of opinions and hopefully some good will come of it. Bottom line is that the ORV plan is over 25 yrs. old, alot has changed and a new plan is needed.

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I was there also I'll post some info about it tonight.

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Yea, I was there too. Just so the people that went know, I was the tall guy in a white shirt and cammo pants that commented on being a mile and a third from the trail head and not being able to ride down to it and the inconsistancies in the MCCCT system (it was right at the end). :cry:

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Yea, I was there too.

I was sitting right behind you. The guy on your left that rides a KTM has ridden with us a couple of times. Don't remember his name though, couldn't catch up to ask him.

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hrmmm.... I can't quite remember you, I can almost picture a face. I know if I saw you again I'd be like "oh yea, duh". The guy next to me was my good friend Tom Dixon.

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I was at the monday meeting.

I was sitting on the right side of the center aisle in the middle of the room. I came directly from work so I was the only one there in a sport coat.

here's a quick summary from monday I posted on DRM (michigan trailriders)

there was about 80-100 people in attendance there mtg. was chaired by a dr. Nelson from MSU he has done economic impact studies about ORV usage. the mtg is an info gathering meeting . the current ORV plan was las updated in1979 and the last real changes were put in place in 1990.

From our perspective the ORV trail system we ride is based of assumption and usage #'s that are 25 years old. last year there was 165,000 ORV stickers sold. and there are people who ride who don't get stickers(unfortunately) but the original ORV plan was based off 20,000 users and based of of motorcycle only usage. we now have ATV's and cycles. + 4wd trucks. looking for use areas.

in the mtg. there was alot of input on the need to expand the trail system, and also to create separate or shadow trail systems that support cycle and ATV traffic. there was also input to do directional trails. there were the 4wd drive guys who were there to say that there is really no place for them to go except silver lake and the mounds. they too are looking for technical 4wd trails in the forest system.

the one thng that hit me was the us and them attititude from both the atv and cycle guys. in my mind this is STUPID we need to work together not at the expense of each other. Bill Chapin of the CCC had a written statement that was pretty good, but it still could be tweaked and it would be wise to team up with the 4wd and ATV guys to put together a complete proposal the would be better for all. there were detractors on both sides the was a couple of old guys saying they only care about bikes and referred to the original plan 18" trail width and some of the ATV guys point fingers at the cycle only loops and saying they want some of the existing loops to be atv only and 60" wide.(kind of side tracked the meeting and din'r help) booth of these points of view aren't helping anyone. I prefer singletrack myself ,but there are more quads than bikes thes days and both have their place, but I think there should be separate loops on the same areas,(if for just pure safety reasons) just like the shadow loop of the MCCT along the luzerne trail. there was also discussion on trail signage , liability issues for clubs doing volunteer work on trails and trail maintainence, the budget for trials there is currently a 3.3million dollar surplus in the ORV fund(funderd by the 16.25 stickers) that has not been appropriated for use. and the fact that the current assumptions on cost of trail maintainence is too low. there was input about some trail beds being worn out, (if yu've ridden Gladwin,st.helen and other southern loops the are beat.)

but this all boils down too is now is the time to input to the plan. the more the better. the DNR is supposed to have a draft in Jan. 05 timeframe. then there will be a comment period.

we need to be heard this in the first time in 25 years that we have the ability to affect the trails system and improve it. take the time to input go to the web site. and remember be thoughtful of the entire off-road community. the more we work together the further we will get.

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