battery button

how do i change the battery button to a key button so nobody steals my only reason for living :cry:

Remove starter button. Lock kick start lever to frame using mini u-lock made for discs and chains and such. Its so easy to override any key lock its not even funny. If you are set on having a key lock it would be better to wire one in somewhere else on the bike and have it ground out the spark like the kill switch does. Most important thing is to chain the bike to something immovable.

Today is my bikes first day locked outside of my garden, and i have thought about it for a while. This is my solution.

Hey MM, seeing as you're in the UK where bike theives seem to be as common as housefly's & are "punished" as severly as a year old child, you might find this info of concearn. There've been loads of people finding out lately that the "circular" tumblers on lots of security u-bars & locks are being defeated by a cheap BIC pen.

Security thread on

Security thread on

BTW, I like your idea of locking the kickstart to the frame & disabling the button. :cry: Over here in the states that'd usually be enough deterant to keep thieves at bay, but I've heard horror stories of pikeys breaking into garages, picking/breaking locks & lifting cycles out over cars that were in the way! :cry: :cry: You guys definatley have it rough with thieft over there.

"We now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion."

Don't kid yourself. A key switch isn't anymore secure on a WR. There's only 2 wires for the ignition, (the other 2 power that little red light) so, it's fairly simple to hot wire.

I would do as the other guys have suggested, or get a disk lock. Just make sure it's a damn good lock.

thanks i think you are right if they want it they will take it :cry:

I just slip a padlock through the holes in the brake disc. At least this will keep someone from just riding away or rolling it into a pickup. (at least without a bit of difficulty)

The bike will always be chained up in the back garden or at work. They will either need to cut the abus chain which is pretty hard without power tools, or cut down the tree, which would wake up the entire neighborhood. The kickstart lock merely attempts to stop kids doing burnouts while its chained up.

And yeah, bike thefts are pretty rampant here. However you see plenty of brand new sportsbikes parked on the street without so much as a disk lock, which should make my bike a little safer. Maybe i should get some dt125 graphics to make it even less desirable....

And we feel the bike thefts in the insurance:

for my bike 26 yr old, new licence, 1yr no claims:

3rd party only insurance: £280/yr

3rd party fire and theft: £900/yr

riding an uncorked WR450 past parliament: priceless

I went with 3rd party fire and theft.

"riding an uncorked WR450 past parliament:priceless"


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