Rear sag questions

A friend of mine has just got himself a new '01 XR650R. I'm going over to his house tonight to help him set up the suspension. I'm planning to set it up with the standard dirt bike settings of 90 to 100 mm race sag and 15 to 35 mm free sag. Are these good numbers or should we shoot for something else? I checked the archives and had no luck finding any info about this. I have not seen what his owners manual says about it and realize it may tell us just what we need to know. Thanks in advance.

The best way is to have a friend come over and adjust it for you.

Just kidding Rich! Thanks for the help yesterday.

To Rich:

Concerning SAG.

I do not recomend going any higher than 94 mm. We have found that the best number is between 94 and 100 mm, based on rider preference. For example, Team Honda rider Steve Hengeveld runs 94 mm of sag and Johnny Campbell runs 96 mm of sag. My personal preference is 98 mm. Your personal preference may vary, but I would start at 96 mm, then adjust up or down based on the bike's handeling. We have found that if the bike is too high in the rear it gets skatey and fishtales. If it gets too low you can lose stearing precision. Your free sag will depend on your weight. As long as you are under 220 pounds and more than 160 lbs., your free sag should fall with in the 15 to 35 mm range.

Bob Bell,

Precision Concepts.

I have a question about sag too. I have a 2000 XR650R.

I have revalved the suspension front and rear. The static sag is set at 25 mm and the sag when I am on at 75 mm.

I have been told I need a lighter spring than I have now. Because if I loosen the preload the static sag will be too much to get the rider sag where it needs to be.

Any suggestions?


Big bad Bobby Bell signed in .

I know it's an old thread but wow.

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