120/100 rear tire on the six-five-oh

Anybody using a 120/100 x 18 rear tire on their 650? When I replaced the stock 695, I went with the 110 width because I didn't know if the 120 would be too wide to keep from hitting the pipe and a couple other spots. I'd like to run the 120 for the added hookup and longevity, though.


yeah Kevin I run the D739 120/100 and love it, it hits the mud flap a little but no problems, this is Ekasinga but go bt Joemoto in TT and that pumper carb works GREAT!!! buy one. Later dude

Hey whats up man? Looks like I'll be putting on some new rubber soon! Shoot, even the stock tire rubs the mud flap a little. Can't wait to get rid of this pizza-cutter IRC.

Glat to hear you like your new carb. I still gotta put some stiffer springs in my suspension before I do anything else.


I run the 140-80x18 S-12 on all my bikes. It is just as wide but a little shorter. It works out to be about the same if you put them side by side. You get less side wall flex when you run lower tire pressure. That is what we run in Baja never had a problem.

I had a 140/80 IRC MB5 and loved it. The 140 is actually over 3/4 of an inch wider than the 120, but is 8mm shorter (less than 1/3 inch). You won't notice the difference in height, but the width helps a ton in the soft stuff and ruts. I now have a 120/90 S12 which doesn't seem to do quite as well, but is still a good tire. I will be going back to a 140 as soon as the 120 wears out.

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