Best HP Increasing pipe for a 426.?

What is the best Horsepower increasing pipe I can get for a yz426f. I want to race it get my point. Thanks guys.

It isn't necessarily the pipe that makes the most power that is going to be the best. The way it makes the power and when is what you want to look for. Do you want a low end pipe or top end pipe?

Top because I want to race with it. Bottom is fine.

i dont wanna interfere with a your thread but what about a pipe that improves all around power or something that has better low-end. im thinking of getting the thunder alley.

No problem bro. Now we need an answer for Top End pipes and bottom Pipes. I wanted to know both anways.

The Thunder Alley will definitely boost your ponies.

Lets just go with the most extreme in this case. The Thunder Alley will give you the best bottom end and the Jemco will give you the best top end :cry:

White brothers E-series pro meg with the tapered head pipe for low end and the hi-boy head pipe for top and all around!

Thunder Alley is defiently the hands down, best bang for the buck for most riders(most MX tracks, trails, etc)...then Jemco makes ALOT more top end, but i can only see it benficial for REALLY fast MX tracks or flattrack...i would much rather have a strong low-mid with a good top end for MX.

looks like its going to be the thunder alley. i read that the stock header is a good match for the TA, but is there any other header out there that is better. oh, ive also wrapped my stock header with exhaust wrap which did seem to make a lil difference with it running a lil cooler. plus with the wrap bein black it looks good with the black plastics.

oh yeah, where can i buy a jemco, not saying im going to get one but i couldnt find out where to get one. thanks again to everyone for all the help.

So does the Thunder Alley lose any of your current top end? Does it still hit hard at top?

It retains stock top end, but boosts the low-midrange quite a bit.

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