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I was in the ONF last Sunday and it was a mess. We got as far as about 5 miles away from our trucks (we park on the Big Scrub powerlines, but on the other side of 19 from Big Scrub) before we had to turn around and head back because we got tired of trying to get around/over downed trees. They were everywhere. I lost it while trying to cross over a log at a bad angle and busted up my left radiator. I lost most of the coolant. Luckily we were able to plug it and refill with plain water for the trip back. You could ride for maybe 30 seconds before hitting another downed tree. And these were big ass trees: limbs, branches and all so it was difficult/impossible to just wheelie over them. I'm not going back there for a while. Hopefully by Halloween day it will be better. That should give me time to fix the radiator, too.

Good thing I have a bad-ass FZ1 to take care of my riding fix. :cry:

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