Kokapelli Trail

This weekend, myself and a few friends are contemplating heading out to ride the Kokapelli Trail (Rabbit Valley exit in CO to Moab, UT...and back the next day). I was curious if anyone out there has done this ride before and has any suggestions on "must do's" (good trail map recommendations, side trails to take, etc.). Also, I understand that the trail is a mix between sandy jeep road and single track. Any comments on what to expect would be appreciated...

Finally, what's the approximate range of a stock 2001 WR426? I understand that the trail (from where we're starting) is approx. 110 miles or so. We'll be carrying extra gas, but I was curious whether we'd be having to rely on it or not.

"Crash" Larry


2001 WR426

I thought kokapelli trail was for mountain bikers only, at least that is what I have been told. We ride at rabbit valley quite a bit, it is an awesome place to ride...

There's quite a bit of multi-day mountain biking trips out there...but as I understand things, it's definitely a motorcycle/4x4 trail. You're supposed to be able to take your truck out there (that's how people do the mountain biking thing...taking a sag wagon along).

I think you may be referring to parts of the trail...like Mary's Loop, etc. in Fruita, CO...the actual starting point of the trail. We were hoping to bypass that and start in Rabbit Valley. And you are correct, Rabbit Valley has some great riding.

Any idea on the range of a stock WR426? I hear from my friend that the trail is 109 miles one way...plus the miles to get into town. I've also heard that there may be a place to pull off and get gas on the way out. Can anyone confirm this?

I hope the reason that everyone's not responding to this post isn't that you're all hoping to go out into the desert with a spare gas can looking for a couple of new WR's sitting out there empty next to two dead people... :)


I've got the 3.4 IMS YZ tank on my '99 WR400 & I can get ~90 miles out of a tank.



I know this is way late since your original reply but a bunch of us did another late trip to Moab from 10/31 - 11/3 or so. We did parts of the Kokopelli Trail and it's definitely open to motorcycles. My favorite parts of the Moab area are the ones NE of Moab and to the east of Arches National Park. Lots of nice riding, caves, springs, and natural arches.

We ended up parking our truck/trailer at the Dewey Bridge campground/area along UT 128 (the nice backroad from Cisco -> Moab) and got right onto the Kokopelli from there. We went out to Spring Cave and then around in a loop to the north on other trails until we came to the beginning of the Kokopelli Trail where it hits 128 further to the north. We then rode it back as far as 128. I'd like to take it south from there next time as well all the way.

I'd also like to know the range of the 3.2 stock '02 WR426 tank. I'm not a racer but a trail rider. I like having at least a 100 mile range. I am guessing I'll have to get the IMS 4.0 gallon tank and use the stock WR seat for long range.

In the past I've carried 2 of those camping 1 quart fuel jugs in my big camelback when doing the White Rim trail on my KLX300R. I like the idea of using another Camelback water bag and putting 1/2 gallon+ of gas in there. It will fit in my camelback along with my water. Nice idea.

Let's hook up sometime to ride and talk WR's. I live in Colorado Springs.


I've been on my mountain bike there...it's amazing.

I was thinking the whole time, wish I was on a dirt bike. Mostly because they were a bunch of people ripping around.

Going west on 70, the Rabbit Valley exit, left at the end of the ramp, across the highway bride, drive back to a number of spots...There are a bunch of loops- I know we did about 30 miles +/-

Nothing too technical, incredible views everywhere, we have it so good around here



Good plan on the Kokapelli ride. Sure wish we would have started at Dewey Bridge. Instead, we started down by the boat launch just over the Utah state line. You missed out on a lot of wide open, mostly double track/road, boring, flat riding. I was so freekin' tired when we got to the only technical section that I was crashing everywhere!

I'd do it again...but more like you rode it last time.

FYI...if I remember correctly, we went 100 - 110 miles on 3.2 gal...had the 2 - 1/2 gallon spare tanks of gas left over at the end of the ride.

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