05 owners

Does the 05 450 handle any better than the 03 or 04? :cry:

I don't know about the 30-04 but compared to an 02 its like going from a school bus to a sports car.

Does the 05 450 handle any better than the 03 or 04? :cry:

Jason if you are not happy with the handling of your 03 try the "Storm Link" It was the ticket for me as I shared your opinion - now it handles like a YZ250...very nice :cry:

Thanks for the input. I am waiting on my new one, I want to see if it is any different. I talked with storm linkage and they said that the 05 is much better and was not the same as 03 and 04, so I will just have to wait another week before I can see. I would give anything to make it turn quicker, so I will use the storm link as soon as they put one out! Other than that my 03 was by far the best bike I have ever owned. I have tried them all except the KTM! :cry: :cry: :cry:

They turn about the same. Until they get the motor height down more it's going to stand in corners and be sort of a pig. I have the storm on my 03 and I have an 05 YZ250 and I can tell you that my 03 handles like a six wheel cadillac compared to my YZ250.

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