Asterisk knee braces

Whats the best price on the asterisk knee braces and where? I tried to get the CTI on my insurance and it was a flop! :cry:

The best I've seen is around $500. Evs is coming out with some new ones for $250. They look good but I haven't seen them in person yet.

MXA rated the The new EVS web brace at only 3 out of 5 in the oct 04 issue. They look nice but thats not what matters. Price is $345.

I tried them both and the Asterisk just felt better. $500 is about the best you can do unless you know someone at a dealer.

FYI.. I have had mine for a little over a year (I used them for skiing too) and I definitely see the need to get them "refreshed" every couple of seasons. So while I was at one of the nationals this summer, I asked one of the guys at the Asreisk booth what type of service they offered.

For $150 they will basically replace everything but the frame (foam, laces , etc) and do it with a 4 day turnaround. Just call their 800 number and get an RMA # before you ship the braces to them.

Cheers!! :cry:

I have the EVS, and I would agree with the 3 star rating. I had a strap holder break my first time at the track. Customer service was good and they sent out another unit without batting an eye. They inspire confidence whan on, but are a tad stiff.

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