XR600 + 41mm flat slide carb=anybody?

Has anyone put that mikuni carb on their 600? A mechanic here in Colorado said he did with a yoshi pipe and got guite a bit more power. If anyone did...could you let us in on mileage and power differences. What about a pumper carb? Do they even make one for the 600 air cooled jug?

I put a keihin 41mm fcr on my xr6. It basically turned it into a different bike, especialy on the bottom end. I dont know about mileage, but it does not seem to have gotten any worse. Only downside is its expensive, otherwise it rips.

Two of my buddies put the 41mm flat slide on and it made a big difference. No bog on the low end. But they had older bikes with the stock 38mm. My 97 came with a 40mm so I never switched.

The XR600 from '88 to '01 had a 38mm carb. Unless the 41mm you're looking at is a pumper carb, I wouldn't waste the money.

the fcr is a 41mm flat slide pumper, if you want more info on this carb sudco is the only company I know of that makes the kit for the xr6.

Yup, the FCR is definately the best bet for the XR600.

Years back i used a 40 mm round slide on an 89,,,also a 41mm mikuni that xr's only sold. I dont think i would do that again unless you are going flat tracking with the engine,,,it worked good there. If you are staying stock on the cam i dont think i would spend any money on a bigger carb,,,but I have not used one with a 'pump'.

i have a thumper racing 660 kit on mine with the hrc cam and a ported and polished head with fmf exhaust. i am presently doing some research on the khein fcr 41 flat slide pumper and so far i am finding out that it makes them very responsive on the bottom end and screams like a bat out of hell on top end, also it starts on the second kick when set up right. let me know if anyone has any input on this carb

I have a big Mikuni that worked well on my Xr600. I is a flat slide non pumper. It got 43 MPG and made lots of power and started easily. $150 with cable 3 sets of jets and shipping.


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