Air fuel meters

Does anyone know of any companys, etc., that sell air-fuel meters for motorcycles? I'd like to hook one up to do some objective air fuel measurement when I jet my bike. Around idle should be around 14.6 parts air to one part fuel, max power (WOT) is around 12 parts air to one part fuel. It would be great to have this reading on some device to actually see what I am running. I also plan on running my bike in the winter, and I think would be useful so as not to run my bike too lean, and seize it up.

I have an extra exhaust system I can drill up/weld,braze,etc to mount the sensor threaded bosses on (if the sensors are anything like automotive applications, that I'm used to seeing), so that is not a problem.

You're in luck because prices on these types of products have come down a great deal. I've used a LM1 digital A/F meter which also datalogs :cry:. It's only $349 including the wide band O2 sensor.

If you're looking for something much less sophisticated that's based on a narrow band sensor, then check out the product from or the following links if you don't mind doing minimal handy work.

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