Attention: NJ Riders

After returning to trail riding after a long, 15-year hiatus I am once again obsessed with the sport. I’m purely a recreational rider but respect and enjoy the competitive side. After cutting my teeth again on a lesser bike, I recently purchased an ’02 wr250f and couldn’t be happier. Hopefully the fact that I settled on a Yamaha will not offend those of you who do not choose to ride blue. If you read on you will find that my efforts are purely in support of off-road riding in general. My hats off to all Thumpertalk members - it is truly a great resource for all.

Immediately after returning to the sport I was quickly reminded of how few legal places there are to ride in NJ. So I have involved myself with a great group of people that are trying to convert the old Jungle Habitat property (800 acres) in West Milford into a BMX, MX and Trail Riding Facility (among other sports). X-treme Habitat would be the only facility in Northern NJ where we could ride legally. But it’s not going to be easy.

Here is where I need your help. Although this program has lots of supporters, it still needs to be approved by the state and there are a lot of people who are dead-set against it.

There is also tons of red tape as you can imagine. So NJ state residents need to send letters (lots of them) off to NJ government officials showing support for X-treme Habitat.

Owning an Ad Agency I have offered to handle all of the advertising and marketing pro bono to the group. My firm is currently working on a website and relevant marketing materials, which I will make available to you as soon as they are ready. I have a form letter prepared that I can email to anyone who is interested in helping. I can also supply the mailing and email addresses for the appropriate recipients. All you need to do is sign your name and mail, email or fax it. Please add any editorial additions to the letter that you feel may help. Hint: the state would probably be surprised at what a family recreation this sport actually is.

My email address is I will answer any questions you may have but I have a pretty busy schedule so please be patient if I don’t get back to you immediately. I’m working for everyone who loves this sport as much as I do.

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