major hip rebuild last week...

So sunday before last I was out riding with a buddy here in scottsdale AZ.,I came to a dry creek in forth gear and just did not and any time re-act.To make a long story short I bit it across the gap about 25'or so,broke my right hip,pelvis,and femur.Six hours under the knife and a bunch of rods screws and plates,also a week and a half in the hospital here I sit in the worst pain of my life.All is well though the doc gave me some good drugs to make it.I would like to say that the wr is one tough bike,broken levers,bent bars,bent foot peg,and a few scrapes."Forgive the spelling and junky writing I can hardly see straight"...

Just wanted to touch base,I love my 450 and can't wait to ride again.


You must have really been scootin' along to do that much damage to yourself!! I hope your recovery process is a quick one! :cry:

OUCH!!! :cry:

Those damned bikes always fair better then we do, don't they?! Get better soon. :cry:

ouch :cry:

Just a quick question about the hospital, do you end up with a huge bill, or do you have insurance? And what about work.


Hope your feelling better :cry:

Wish you a good recovery :cry:

Hang in there, I know how you feel I just had two total knee replacements in the last two months. Pain is an ugly thing, but we'll both get well.. As my old martial arts teacher said "it'll feel better when it quits hurting" keep on thinking positive, I'm up here healing with you.. :cry: :cry:

Good luck and hope everything works out :cry:. It could've been much worse from what it sounds like.

Good thing your not DEAD!! And I thought I had it rough with a scope on my left knee today to remove some "loose bodies" and have a screw pulled out from my ACL reconstruction 10 years ago. Do the rehab!!! :cry:

Thanks for all your kind words. i'm slowly getting better, pain is slowly decreasing, thank god for the advance in pain killers!!! although i've had some messed up dreams and a few hallucinations here and there, all is generally well. i have not received any hospital bills yet, but i have signed up for Arizona state insurance (ACCCHS) and wait to hear if i qualify (pretty sure i'll get it). luckily, i am able to take some time off of school at MMI, will be returning in 6-12 weeks. also, work has been super cool, allowing me to return when i am able. those $6/hr jobs are sure hard to come by these days....NOT. MORE LATER. d-bone

If your bill looks anything like mine did for my 1st knee replacement you'd better be sitting down when you read it. The hospital alone for the knee replacement was $28K that's a lot of WR's, but it is titanium. :cry: :cry:

Sorry to hear about the crash and your hip. :cry: I hope you recover quickly and fully! :cry: How is that stock tank you got from me doing after the crash? :cry:

If your bill looks anything like mine did for my 1st knee replacement you'd better be sitting down when you read it. The hospital alone for the knee replacement was $28K that's a lot of WR's, but it is titanium. :cry: :cry:


Holy smoke! 28k :cry:

That makes those knee braces sound very cheap compared to the

upgraded knee with titanium, sounds kinda cool though but don't think its worth the 28K :cry:

Quote: "but don't think its worth the 28K "

You would if you're knees didn't work anymore, but I wouldn't have been able to do it without insurance, that's a lot of hours at Mickey D's. :cry:

Hey I hope you are doin well I know the feeling. April of 2003 I didn't like were my KX500 was taking me with a stuck throtle (3rd gear wide open), So I bailed off. As I layed on the ground saying yea I'm ok let me rest a minnute then I will get up. Asking how is my bike? Being told not a mark on it "go figure". Then deciding that I can't get up and hearing sirens at that point, I figured something was wrong. Well an ambulance ride, 1st hospital, A helicopter ride, then the 2nd Hospital, they decided I had A broken and dislocated right leg ,damaged right knee, chiped right hip socket, pelvis broke in three places, and 2 fractured vertibrates. other than that I was in excellent shape. I can share your pain. I have a plate and a few screws myself. The doctor would not let me walk for two months :cry: had to ride a wheel chair. This crash is what led me to my 03 WR450 with my knee and right leg I couldn't kick start a bike so electric start was the way to go, So I could get ridding again. I raced 2 races last fall and just rode my 13th race this summer last weekend :cry:. Everyone tells me the crash knocked the marbles loose in my head :cry:. I turned 40 last March and should know better :cry: than to get back on A bike. Do what the doctors tell you get some rehab, and you too will ride again. :cry: Good luck and Love those WR's

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