XR650R ergonomics improvements

Well I finally put a few rides on my new to me '00 XR650R. Without going into all the things that are great about this bike, I can say that the ergonomics positively suck for anyone in the 6'3" plus range. I'm 6'5" and cannot ride this thing again without some sort of improvement. On the pegs I'm leaning so far forward that my neck is completely bent back so I can see the trail and my knees and wrists are about 2" apart. Anyway, I see why aftermarket triples and bars are such a hot item. I'm about to order the Applied triple with Ricky Carmichael bend Fat Bars. I would really like to go with the standard bar mounts so I can get a better selection of bars like the 666 desert bend, but nobody seems to stock the standard bar mounts. Anybody with some ideas, I'm all ears. Thanks!

Be sure to get the forward off-set clamps.

If you plan to do much desert riding pick up one of the stabilizer triple clamp combos. They work great.

I just put applied clamps on mine with std. mounts you can get them a baja designs, they work great I`m 6-3 good luck

The XR650 bar position, as you know,is very cramped and low, so we've designed an upper triple clamp that opens the cockpit up considerably. We give the option to move your bars forward +13 - +19mm forward and up in height +7mm. This turns the xr650 into a whole different machine, making it more comfortable and easier to ride.

We are able to accomodate for Protaper (oversized bars) and steering stabilizers. Thank you for your inquiry. Please feel free to check out our website, e-mail, or call us so we can discuss your riding style, riding type, height, etc. We look forward to getting you and your bike dialed in.



800-834-9363 :)

I ordered the BRP top clamp last summer and found Billet Racing Products a great company to deal with. Their quality is first rate, and they will take the time on the phone to make sure your needs are met. Their stickers are cool also --- BRP --

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