Hard Starting Solution?

Has anyone tried using starting fluid on those hard to start episodes? I love my 650, but have not tried everything when it comes to hard starting. It has been great during the winter, but on any day it gets a little warm, she gives me a hard time. I'm trying to get this solved for the warmer months. Does any one know of some kind of injector system for starting fluid? If it hasn't been thought of yet, this might be a solution.

I don't believe i'd use starting fluid. It sounds like jetting woes to me, or possibly the wrong starting drill.

Originally posted by terry west:

I don't believe i'd use starting fluid. It sounds like jetting woes to me, or possibly the wrong starting drill.

I don't mean to sound harsh but it's not a 2 stroke. You have to kick it just right or you will be there all day.

On the other side of the coin I can not start my buddies CR500 if my life depended on it.

When I first got my 650 I used to kick the crap out of it and after about 30 kick get it to fire...by the time I got it started I was too tired to ride. Now I get it first kick every time (maybe 2 kicks on rare occasion).

Here is the scoop...

It is definately not a 2 stroke (that is what I was used to as well) so it a bit of a different drill. On a 2 stroke you do kick the crap out of it...The BRP takes a little finesse.

First open the choke all the way

Next push down on the starter until it you feel some definate resistance.

Now pull in the decompression lever and push it BARELY past the hard spot

Let the kick starter return to the top of its stroke

Here is the kicker...PUSH the kick all the way down (notice that I said PUSH...it is not a kick, it should be a strong PUSH)

Works for me every time!

As a side note...try adjusting your idle...i had to mess with mine a bit...too much or too little and you are out of luck!

Good luck

(BTW...I have not uncorked my bike yet...I will soon...and then it should start even easier...if there is a such thing as easier than one PUSH :) )

Once you get your carb dialed in, your bike should start much easier. Make sure you're following the starting procedure 'trivial' outlined. My bikes starts first kick everytime whether it's hot (100F), cold (35F) or dumped. I can even start my XR650R with my hand thanks to my Edelbrock pumper carb!

Have you checked your valve clearances lately? If not, make sure they're in spec. Make sure you have fresh gas in the tank and that your spark plug is not fouled. What kind of jetting are you running? Do you have the stock silencer, HRC tip, drilled out tip, etc? Do you have the restricted intake manifold or the one that's opened up. Have you removed the airbox restrictors? Is your bike the 650R or 650L?

I own a couple xr 600's and have used starting fluid since early 90's without a problem. If I rode every saturday and sunday, the bikes would start the next weekend with one or two kicks. But if i missed a weekend, this poor girl would have to pay the price. Pull the side panel off and give it one squirt and it will start first kick everytime. No use in wasting time and energy when i could be riding. All my current rides have magic buttons. I miss riding my xr's but that will change when honda decides to update to current standards.

Just a comment about starting fluid. The 2 strokes can become a bomb when the crancase is charged with explosive starting fluid mixture. Had a few cr500 and always started with one kick and no ether. But it had to be a real kick. I too am now spoiled with an electric start.

Wish Honda would do a CRF450 with electric and wide ratio.

i thought the xr 650r was prone to these starting fits. :) i did not even think of starting fluid because most times that this happened it was in an east coast enduro x amount of miles out and had no room in the gear bag. :D i installed an ty davis hotstart and that helped. but the best way to solve the problem is "uncorking and follow the drill" did the trick for me. :D

I have never been really crazy about compression releases of the automatic nature. On my Xr's that had them occasionally I would have trouble finding the magic or sweet spot as described above as just past top dead center. Like my Jawa's I found that if you put it in gear and push backwards until it 'locks' then drive through the kickstarter stroke, you have the comrpessed mix to help push and the piston is just past tdc,,,works for me,,has for years. ( I know sometimes it is difficult or impossible to push it backwards)

Did the death valley 560 last weekend and noticed something interesting. A guy was having a hard time starting his xr (very cold in the mornings) and asked for a shot of the silcone spray I was using on my chain. Since 90% of the riders rode xr's on this ride, i asked a few and a couple admitted to using starting fluid and a couple said they have used the silcone spray in a pinch. While i have known that many use starting fluid, i had no idea about the silicone spray.

I don't know about the XR600's, but on my '00 XR650 (uncorked, rejetted), the starting drill is pretty consistant and usually results in a one kick start, even in 40 degree weather. My bike even has the flapper valve removed from the choke plate! The drill for me is as follows: close choke, open throttle to pin, pull compression release, thumb on kill button. I kick it through 3 times like this, release the throttle and kill button, go just past TDC, and one good boot and it's lit!

I suspect with a real choke, this "kick through" drill isn't required. On my bike, I can let it idle with the choke full on for about 15 sec and then I move it to the 2nd position and ride off.

Hope this helps,

Steve Russ

Huntington Beach, CA

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