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check this out re: Stroker jettings specs.

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I've been wrestling with this for awhile now. What do you guys think about their jetting specs? I'm running a stock bike with the freebie mods and want to run quieter. 0'-2,000'. This one is off their site.

Stock Stroker recommends

42 Pilot 50

DRS needle DVR

3rd Clip Pos. 4th

165 Main 180

75 Pilot Air 100

200 Main Air 200

1 ½ out Fuel Screw 2 out

NOTE: Leave air box lid off! These specs are with Stroker exhaust or stock WR muffler with noise baffle out. We recommend using Stroker dual sport quiet tip rather than noise baffle out.

Now I later emailed them and they responded with this(i'm guessing it's for my altitude):

OBDVR needle

45 pilot

5th clip position

178 main

fuelscrew out 2 turns


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For me, the 50 PJ is too rich. the DVR works well, but the EKP and EKN needles (w/ YZ timing) really makes the bike come alive.

Also with the EK* series, a 180 Main is too rich, more like 165-170 is a better bet (at least for the Ek needles)

Bottom line is this: No one jet settings work for all bikes, even in the same conditions. Therefore experimentation is almost always required to dial it in properly. Use the recommendations as a starting point, but have other jets and needles on hand to experiment.

One note regarding the fuel screw-these babies are very sensitive to change. Don't just swap out the pilot jets without playing with the fuel screw first.

The specific recommendations at the bottom of your message sounds pretty darn close. Go for it!

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