metal gas tank

Apparently to make my wr450 street legal here in Alberta I need a metal gas tank!?! Anyone know of such a tank...or better yet a way around this bs? :cry:

check your dot regs to see if that is an urban legand, since a lot of street bikes these days have non-metalic gas tanks. what might be more regulated is the evaporative emisions from the gas tank, rather than construction material. what would be the advantages of a metal gas tank anyway?

I haven't checked into the regs far enough to totally confirm this, but I have heard it from a couple different sources. I'll definitely do that.

As far as advantage, I doubt there is one but sometimes these old laws are created by some dips**t that knows nothing and then become a technical hurdle that get in the way for no valid reason.

The last thing I want is a crappy old metal tank that dents easily! :cry:

I think it is BS but I'm not quite sure. I know all of the late model General Motors vehicles have plastic tanks so why should bikes be any differant?. They are closer to the ground than your bikes is. Well closer than ours should be anyhow!!!!!!!! :cry:


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