England / UK xr 650 any one else out there?

Is there any one out there from England UK(southern)that have meets? the states is a bit to far to travel

Kurt, try Yahoo groups RidesOrgUK.

Cheers, Craig ( north Britain, the bit the Roman

empire couldn't conquer )

thanks craig,i will and ha ha

I'm just North of the Roman city of Derventium, later known as Derby, the furthest South that the scottish invasion got, until Bonnie Prince Charlie retreated from the town, at dawn on December 6th 1745.

You could also try at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/XR650R/

I have a question for you Brits. Have any of you

ever ridden the Honda Veradero (XL100V)? I have looked all over the net to see about importing one to the states. I think this would make a great commuter

bike. I know that Triumph and BMW have similar

bikes, but I like the looks of the Honda. Suzuki

had a similar bike at the motorcycle show this year, but I haven't seen it at the dealer yet.

thanks 4 the brief history lesson and the replie its amasing what you learn over the net

H E Y K U R T, I am leaving for England on Monday. I will be staying in London for 8 days. Can you rent motorcycles in this area? Off road? Are there any weekly races? U.K. rules!! :)

yes i live in witshire, not far from old roman city of bath.

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