650 exhaust test,

I have an uncorked 2000 xr650, looking to change

complete exhaust system, who's best. looking for

more up top, seems to drop off when trying to flat out fly.

The best exhaust system I have tested by far is the MORIWAKI. Available through Big Vally Honda at the URL below. This is the finest constructed exhaust I have ever installed on a Dual Sport / dirt bike. Yes its expensive but it is craftsmenship unparalled in this market segment and it flat hauls timber across the RPM band. It has excellent over rev and fantatic low end torque I know hard to believe but my evaluation is all thumbs up. Previous systems evaluated WB "R", WB "eseries", Honda hop up baffle, complete ProCircuit T4, and FMF powerbomb header with the Honda hop up, WB "R" and WB "eseries" tail sections.



I use the White Bros. E with 12 disks.

Thank you for your input. I have looked at both

systems, just wondering how much gain over a factory mods bike.

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