xr close to purchase

I found a 94 xr 650l with 10,000 miles it has a oversized tank,performance pipe,lowering link,and someother stuff to the guy want's $2,000 for it my friend said the bike is super clean i'm going to check it out early next week,does that sound like a good price? ps it also comes with all the stock parts

That's full retail according to Kelly Blue Book. The trade in value on that bike is $1345. I just paid $2450 for a 'like new' 2001 XR650R that still has the original knobbies on it in excellent condition. The deals are out there if you can bide your time and look around. It's a buyers market right now IMO. If the bike you're looking at is in perfect shape and that's exactly the bike you want, then $1,700 would be a fair price to offer.


OK I'll give you 2550 for your 650r and you can make a quick 100 bucks! :cry: Where did you find such a deal. Let me guess some poor widow and the bike was only dropped once :cry:

$2550 :cry:

You're right about the bike being dropped once :cry: I think the guy scared himself and its been sitting in the garage ever since and the wife wanted shut of it! The exhaust can had a ding in it and there's some scratches on the plastic. The bike was still all corked up and the tires still have new tits on them.

I've already put $2,000+ extra into it on top of what I paid with a Dakar dual sport kit, stabilizer, flexx bars, ims pro pegs, edelbrock, etc, new DOT tires, not to mention my time tearing the bike down to grease every single bearing in the swingarm linkages wheels steering stem, torquing all the spokes to 48 inch/lbs & truing & balancing the wheels, updating the countershaft seal & clutch bearing, z-Start is on order, etc. I also bought Motard wheels for this bike to play around with. I wouldn't sell it for for a penny less than $2650 with all the money & time I'm putting into it :cry:

If you're looking for an inepxpensive XR650R, there was one for sale here on TT just last week for $2,600. I also know where a nice XR650R is for sale in Texas for $3K and its loaded with the Scotts damper, pro tapers, ims pro pegs, larger fuel tank, aftermarket exhaust, etc.

Qadsan, that's exactly how I found my XR650R! The original owner bought it new, rode it once, dropped it at a standstill on a hill, became scared of it, couldn't handle it, whatever, and sold it to me for a great price, way below blue book, because it had a "few scratches" from him dropping it. haha. Ok, so it was pre-scratched , big deal it was still a new bike.

I still have this bike, of course now it's street legal, uncorked, jetted, and has an assortment of aftermarket goodies on it. Great bike, never a problem with it.


'00 XR650R


OK just because you have it all greased up already I go to 2,675 since I am a nice guy. :cry: Having two BRPs is only a dream until momma gets a new kitchen :cry:

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