increased spring rate/damping

I bought a pair of '89 CR250 forks that I'm going to experiment with on my '97 XR600. I got them cheap, don't know if I'll like them, and don't want to put a lot of money into them. I think I'll need heavier springs in them (stock is .38kg/mm and I was thinking .44kg/mm) which aren't too expensive and I can install myself, but I'm not sure I want to pay for re-valving. Would I be wasting my money by changing springs and not valves as well? Thanks for the input,

I think I would make the swap out and then see if you like the setup and think it is a positive change. Once you decide it is a good addition then I would spend the cash to get the right springs and valves to match your weight and riding style. Once you get the switch made post some pics :cry:

Your idea does make the most sense. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to tell whether or not I liked the setup if the springs were far too soft, but I guess that's better than spending $100 to find out the same thing. Thanks.

Why not just put heavier springs in your stock forks? :cry:

"cause upside down forks look cool?

"cause upside down forks look cool?

'Cause there's no better way to learn about stuff than to take it apart, swap it out, screw it up, and fix it again.

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