Ever have gas smell when you check oil?

Hi all. I am very new to 4 stroke MX bikes. I just bought a used 2003 yz450f last monday and LOVE it so far. I checked my oil tonite (first time) and it was quite "watery"

When I looked closer, I smelled gas! Has anyone seen gas in the oil before? Like I said I am new to this bike, but I know that oil does NOT smell like gas. And I have never seen oil that thin before. :cry:

Change the oil and see if dose it again. Maybe the previous owner was an idiot.

ya i went through the same thing when i first got mine and scratched my :cry: for about 2 weeks before i finally figured it out. it was happening during loading and unloading of the bikes,this being my first bike with an accelerator pump i didn't realize i was pumping the jug full of gas(while jockeying the bike around) and it was leaking down past the rings. about drove me nuts! :cry:

TURN OFF YOUR GAS when you are not riding. If the float isn't adjusted properly or the float needle valve leaks then your tank will slowly drain into the motor while the bike sits. Change the oil before you ride it, diluted oil is not good for the life of the motor. The same thing happened to my dad's riding mower; ended up with 1 gallon+ gas in the oil when it sat for a month between mowings, talk about a mess.

GAS is the first thing i turn off even before cutting the bike off> my problem was with the gas left in the bowl. it was frustrating to say the least. :cry:

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