My first jump on my new WR.

Doesn't sound like a WR to me? Thanks for the post...

Surprized that you walked away from that :cry: That's too funny. It's a pretty 2 strokey WR as well.

we have a new Marcus marburg!

we have a new Marcus marburg!

LOL! Actually this was an attempt at humor. I didn't think I would be taken seriously. Man! MarkusMoburg? That hurts! :cry:


The funny part is the "squish" sound effect that's in that. I'd seen that clip some time ago minus the sound effect.

Yeah, I saw that video a while back, the guy actually died. That can't feel good :cry:

Geez lighten up, its only a video.

...the guy actually died.

Oh man...that sucks. :cry:

Good try . :cry:

Are you hurt ? What about the squish sound ?

hey, that's where my avatar came from......

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