450 comp. cam in 01 426 Can I take off the Comp. leaver?

I have an 04 450 hotcam in my 01 426 and do not use the comp. leaver - I was wondering if it would effect my bike if I took it off. Just the cable and the leaver. You know get it off the handle bars. Or do I need that resistance on the cam mechanism on the head?


you can remove the entire setup there. You will need a plug for the head. You can get the factory unit, but it falls out. Get the one on the TT store here.

sweet=== what does it take to remove the current set up?

And will it hurt anything to leave it the way it is for now?

have been on a spending spree and my wife is...well lets say she needs to buy the kids some cloths. hehe.

Dave :cry:

ThumpDave, all it takes to remove is to take the retaining bolt out of the the mechanism and pull it out of the head. You will have to take the right radiator loose and move it out of the way though.

It will not hurt anything to leave the decomp mechanism in. If you don't want to spend any $$$ on a plug for the head, take a hacksaw and cut the decompression shaft off even with the head. Of course you will want to make a mark on the shaft with it still in the head so you will know where to make your cut. Then remove the shaft from the bike, cut it off and reinstall it. Basically you have the same thing as the plug that can be bought on the TT store but it won't cost you a dime! :cry:

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