XR6 or 650 ?

Fellow TT'ers,

I'm a new member and I must say this is an outstanding site!! Now, on to the question. I recently moved from North Dakota, max elevation about 2,000 feet, to Cheyenne Wyoming, about 6,200 feet. My 96 XR6 seems a little short winded here, no more 2nd or 3rd gear power wheelies. The local Honda dealer has a left over 00 model 650, which I think can be had for a real decent price. Should I hop up my XR6, higher compression piston, pumper carb, etc., or sell the old girl for the 650? My XR is rejetted, air box opened, butt plug out of muffler, and a 5 gallon tank. No real dual sport kit because WY and ND are real good states, they'll license an XR right off the showroom floor!! If anyone has any thoughts on altitude mods to restore lost power I'd love to hear them, the only thing that turns me off on the 650 is the CS seal. What should I do?

The only thing you can do is lean out the bike. As far as the 650 goes it's a better bike over all. There are some sweet deals on 2000 models right now.

Get the 650...way better bike. I got mine for 3500 used (only had 32 miles on it...and had never been down :) ) Anyway...get what you can for the 600 and let the search begin.

If you do keep the 600...don't mess with the engine (ala...Piston, bored,etc.). That is a rock solid engine...why do anything to mess with its reliability!

for what its worth

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