Magnetic Drain Plug - Next Bulk Buy?

I use the Yamaha one... it seems rather a weak magnet... I think the best one would have a Neodynium (sp?) magnet - the stuff would be pulled from the oil, not just if it passed withing a couple of mm of the plug... I appreciate the usefulness of these things, so maybe this is the next bulk buy - nearly as small as a t-handle, and just as useful... What do you guys think? (those without them already that is...)

It seems as though the Zip-Ty one is the bee's knees... So who knows Ty Davis? :)

Click Here to see what you will be getting...

I think the best solution at the moment is to pre-arrange a TT discount, then we can each purchase our own... I realise that it is a lot of work for one person to volunteer for...


[ February 09, 2002: Message edited by: yamaha.dude ]

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