450 cam in 400 - is this alignment correct (pics)?

I'm in the process of installing a YZ450 cam (OEM) in my 99 WR400. Have I aligned the cams correctly? Thanks.





14 pins between dots.... looks good from here. :cry:

Yep, looks good.

I just pulled my '03 YZ cam out of my WR400, and put it in my new WR426.

That looks exactly like it should, and the bike rips and starts easy.



Brandon - Was your cam tight when you first put it in? Any binding?

The first time I put it in, there was "a little bit" of tightness.

I moved it back and forth (the amount of slack that was in the cam chain before I put the tensioner on) and it worked free.

Then I changed out my shims to adjust the valves in right, re-torqued the cam holder, and it was pretty smooth.

I did that a couple of weeks ago, maybe have 200 miles on it since, running like top, and starting like a dream.


Does the bike pull harder with the yz450 cam in it?

I am not convinced that the bike "pulls" any harder, but I swear that the top end never ends.

With the stocker WR cam, I could bounce off the rev limiter frequently.

But, with the YZ450f cam, I feel that it keeps strong RPM's for a long time, and never really bounces off the rev limiter like it used to.

It is well worth the time and effort for the starting benefits alone.


OK, I've got 2 rides in with the YZ450 cam and here are my impressions: the hit from the old YZ timed exhaust cam is gone - I was initially shocked and thought the bike had actually lost power. The power now just comes on linearly (some-what) and continues to build smoothly (as Brandon describes it above). Better for the kind of rocky, technical riding I enjoy. So, if you enjoy that hit, this mod is not for you. Starting is now ridiculously easy and if you stall a quick pull of the clutch and she lights up again. I some times wonder if the power delivery is not unlike the stock WR cam timing (less the decomp feature).

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