05 yz450f vrs crf450

Been riding yz250f's since they came out. I am looking to go to a 450f I love yz250f but have heard great things about weight and handling of the honda's. Looking for any and all possible feedback!yzf450 or crf450...

i have both, an 04crf450 and an 04yz450f, (i have not ridden the 05's yet), if you have owned yzf's in the past i would strongly suggest you get the yamaha. the yz has been headache free for me while the crf needs special attention (leaking fork seals, loose spokes, the chain eats the mud guard and tire up, and the valves-have to check and shim), with the yz ride it and forget about it, its the most reliable 4 stroke you can get hands down! i only race mx so my opinion might not be suited to someone who rides in the woods. you might want to consider a left over new 04yz450, you can save a ton of money and have the suspension set to your needs. and the power of the 04 is awesome, i am one of the ones who loves that hit of power, hell thats why i went to a 450. its funny to me though, that the honda keeps trying to be like the yamaha-motor with more compression and all, and the yamaha keeps trying to be like the honda by mellowing the motor. both are great bikes, not one bike is perfect, choose blue or red and you'll be o.k. i am not brand loyal, this is just what i have experienced by owning both.

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