Any cool mountain trails in New Mexico/Colorado

A group of people from Houston & Austin, TX are looking for good riding trails in the mountains. Trip will be sometime this summer and we will bring the kids that range from 7 -15 yrs old. Anyone know of some good locations, trails, hotels, anything??? Any web sites with good info?


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Texans coming to Colorado, I don't know.

Cloadcroft NM has some really nice trails, although some would be a little advanced for the younger kids. When I went we just camped out. There should be some lodging availible in Cloudcroft. Come on NM guys lets hear from you

A zillion ?? miles of trails in Colorado, especially near Durango/Silverton/Ouray/Teluride/Montrose/Gunnison

I can only speak for these areas, since that is where I've been. Beware, you will need to ReJet for the altitude and you will get wet, Afternoon T showers.

Bob J

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Thanks for the advice. I think Lincoln National Park in New Mexico might get the nood. Seems like a little trail for everyone.

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