How to break in new crank / top end?

Putting a new crank/top end in my bro's bike. What would be the recommended way to break it all in? :cry: I was thinking ride it hard and change the oil immediately afterwards but I dont know

Well, if it's your BROTHER'S bike, then RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

everyone will have a different opinionhere.

When I break in an engine I try and load it up a bit. Start off easy for the first 15min or so the use about 1/2 throttle short shifting. I dont mean load it up so that it's bogging down, just good accleration. Hills are good for a new engine. Try and avoid constant rpm's. Then step up to 3/4 etc etc. I always like to re check the shims, change the oil and check the filter after the first ride. Use a mineral oil for the first few oil changes. If all is well time to put it on kill :cry:


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