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CRF250X - lost in Jet HELL!

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Please can someone help. I have a CRF250X (04) I have done the following mods:

Airbox cut away

Pink Wire

FMF power bomb header

FMF factory4 muffler.

When I purchased the pipe I got a FMF powerup kit with it, I have literally tried every setting available to me and the bike still runs like a turd.

I have spoke to dynoJet (makers of FMF jet kit) and they assured me that I had the correct kit, but having read extensively on here I think the jet kit I have is way off.

The kit came with main jets between 138-150, I have raised and lowered the needle from suggested 3rd notch, all to no avail. The support guy at dynojet told me to run the bike with no filter, and with restricted filter (1/3-1/2 taped up), to diagnose what the problem is. Both ran the same, 1/2 throttle and it burbles/stutters to the point that it nearly pitches you over the front of the bike cause you're expecting it to take off!

JEtting guide on the CRF250 section seems to point to the fact that I should have a 160-165 main, leading me to the conclusion that the 150 (largest I have) isn't large enough.

Im assuming that the main change to the bike setup is the opening of the airbox - not the pipe, is this enough to make the FMF jetting kit useless?

PLease help, I'm not experienced at this and I'm loosing the will to ride!

BTW - All riding would be below 1000ft.

Also what JD kit should I go for & do you ship to Blighty (UK)?

Kind Regards


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