Modifying stock intake manifold?

Has anyone had any luck or experience modifying the stock manifold instead of buying the Honda power-up manifold. I'm working on my buddies 650 and it looks like the restrictive center of the manifold could be removed to open it up. I'm assuming that is all the power-up manifold is all about. Any info. would be great. Thanks.

It's very inexpensive, not worth experimenting with.

You will need to ReJet

Bob J

I figured that, but the Honda dealers around here are pretty weak and I don't want to wait for ten days for the wrong part to come in! Also, there's no better satisfaction to me than FREE HORSEPOWER!

Thats cool!! I would try to break out the metal restrictor plate, or if you got's a die grinder Knock yourself out. Good luck, its worth the extra effort, the stock bike sucks, the modified bike RIPS, 90+ in the Calif desert!!

Check out a prior post with all the part #'s, If you order them, at least you know what you will get. The post was "uncorked" on 01/28/02.

Bob J

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Check your personal messages!

If you're good with a gas or wire welder, I gotta $15 exhaust mod that works pretty good. :)

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