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01 wr250 tank seat conversion question..

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Will a 01 Yz 250 tank in combiination with an 02 seat fit on my 01 WR250? If so I would also need radiator (plastic)fairings right?

yes, dimensionally: '01 tank == '02 tank, and '01 seat == '02 seat.

btw: i hope you mean "YZ250F" and not "YZ250" as you wrote. the two stroke tanks will NOT fit the four stroke models.

your WRF radiator fairings will work with the YZF tank, they will require a little bit of bending when putting the screws in but they will work fine. (reason: the WR250F radiators are one core (~3/4") wider than YZ250F radiators. this feature gives the WR250F a bit more cooling capacity for slow speed trail riding in hot weather.)

if i'm not mistaken (don't quote me on this), the YZ400F radiator shrouds fit quite nicely on a WR250F with a YZ250F tank. the YZ400F shares the same wider radiators and the narrower tank as the converted WR250F+YZ250F tank setup.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f


i hope all of you [C|perl] coders caught my correct representation of the equality operator vs the assignment operator. :cry:

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