LOOSE front disc. (floating?) NEED HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!

I have a question this is my 1st yamaha and I just got it

when you have someone hold the front break lever and you try and turn the front wheel the wheel will not turn but the disc moves like an 1/8 inch ?????????????????

the disc looks like 2 parts one part connects to the hub and the other is connected by like these 1 inch circle rivets where it contacts the break pad

I need to know if this is normal and if this is safe ?

I someone could go to there grage and try it I would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thankfull

Thanks again everyone :cry: :cry: :cry:

Yes that is normal! :cry:

Thank GOD, I was worried about that

Does anyone know why it does that ?

Thanks again

R :cry:

Hence the term..."floating disk"

Single Piston Floating Calipers are the most popular and also least costly to manufacture and service. A floating caliper "floats" or moves in a track in its support so that it can center itself over the rotor. As you apply brake pressure, the hydraulic fluid pushes in two directions. It forces the piston against the inner pad which in turn pushes against the rotor. It also pushes the caliper in the opposite direction against the outer pad, pressing it against the other side of the rotor. Floating calipers are also available on some vehicles with two pistons mounted on the same side. Two piston floating calipers are found on more expensive cars and can provide an improved braking "feel".

Same with motorcycles.


I have allways had hondas ,so I was a little worried

becase the honda does not do that


Floating calipers usually have problems sticking and have to be maintained more. The floating rotor is maintenance free. One of them has to float so you don't get pulsation and warpage.

So.... knowing that the rotor is supposed to "float", how solid should the caliper assembly be? Mine's fairly wobbly. i.e.) the bike brakes ok, but if I grab the assembly, I can wiggle it both left to right and up and down.

Any thoughts?



The caliper should be mounted solid and not move, at least on the 426. Check your bolts.

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