Engine bogging...

I have a 97 XR600 that runs great, except when you try to quickly accelerate from an idle. If you are at idle and crank open the throttle, it will try to bog to a complete stall. If the RPM's are up a little, the engine runs spectacular and throttle response is crisp.

Is this a main jet problem? Am I running too rich? Will tweaking the air screw help fix this problem?

Tweaking the air screw may help. However, xr's are notorious for this misfortune. Every xr I have ever slung a leg over does this. Only thing to do is get the carb tuned perfect, and learn to deal with it. Or, go get a pumper carb.

Does the 600 have the same carb as the 650L or does that year still have the dual carbs? What mods have you done to the carb you have. I followed the advise of a friend about drilling the slide and shimming the needle, on my 94 650L, and got rid of my off idle throttle bog completely.


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