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Looking for people to ride with in North Jersey

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Hey whats doing all? Im fairly new to this stuff but am learning kinda quick. Ive had my bike for about a month now and have put 350 mile on it just riding around the streets and some parks by my house that have some grassy hills and little spots to jump the bike but i want to do some trail riding.

Being that im the first of my friends to actually own a bike let alone a dirt bike (grew up in paterson not many places to ride and not many people who ride dirt) i dont know anyone who rides.

Again im new to this stuff so my skill level isnt very high but ive ridden bmx bikes for years and loved jumping and riding those things in the dirt so i know how to keep the bike under me for the most part. I probably wont be too quick on the trails at first but will probably build skill quickly as i learn pretty damn fast and dont have much fear of falling.

Anyway any riding partners would be greatly appreciated. please contact me by pm or email me at XtacyOD@gmail.com



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