"HERE WE GO" Plastic kit "BULK BUY"

OK here we go, hope I know what I'm getting into. LOL :) I was told we can get up to 25% discount :D depending on the number of kits. I need to get a more detailed list of kits. Kit will be>>> front fender, shrouds, side panels, rear fender. Everyone interested needs to give>>>Brand(UFO or Acerbis), color, what bike and year kit is for and your shipping address. Send all info. to (plastickits@msn.com) "DO NOT" put nothing on this thread, "ONLY" send info. and addresses to e-mail address>>>(plastickits@msn.com). Any info. put on this thread "WILL NOT BE COUNTED" and will only clutter this web site and we do not want to do that. So "PLEASE" only send info. to the address above. "DO NOT" send questions to e-mail address above, just the needed info., trying to keep things organized. Right now I'm just trying to get an exact price for everyone. Questions can be posted here on the thread, that way everyone can see them. "OK" Lets see what we can do, THANX! ~Hitman~

[ February 14, 2002: Message edited by: #1 Hit-man ]

The man I'm dealing with will be out of town next week. So it will be next weekend til I will know something about the "BULK BUY".

I will make the dead line 2-21-02, which is next thursday. If you do not send your info. by then, I am sorry but you will not be counted in on the "BULK BUY" if it goes thru as planned.

I will need to get everything staightened out in order to send by friday to make a deal.

If the deal looks good, I will only be e-mailing those of you that have sent in your "FULL INFORMANTION" to (plastickits@msn.com).

I will be e-mailing the "PRICES" and getting the "ADDRESSES" from those of you that have not already done so. I will also send all the info. on "WHO and WHERE" the deal is coming is coming from, and how we will work out the shipping and payment for everyone.

If anyone has questions then, I will answer them as best I can. I would like to thank everyone in advance for your patience. THANX! I hope it all works out as planned. :) ~Hitman~

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