Curious to see what actual performance gains have been had with this in a WR450 or 426? The idea makes sense. Just wondering if it's worth the price of admission. Thanks.

Awesome product that works great with the WR450 exhaust cam low end hit! :cry: I am a believer! :cry:

oh yaah! i wonder about this new powernow plus apparantly it goes in front of the carb i'd say it would hurt top end with more restriction and maybe the powernow is enough. :cry: now that i think A little bit ,i have heard of another in front system?( don't remember but i think it's ad's in the back of dirtbike)but i'd say they probly both do about the same and would not compliment each other together. :cry:

Install, buy seat belts and two new rear tires. Power is very strong and smooth. Seat of the pants thing. I did pull up the needle one click and the motor was digging that. :cry:

havnt pulled mine out to see if there is any difference if performance after upgrade to after market exhaust, before the upgrade I felt there was a performance boost at about 1/8-1/4 throttle, seemed to help with the slight bog I had, but I believe that was more to do with the exhaust and jetting at the time. maybe I will try an experiment and pull it out and see. Is it worth $100.00 not IMO.

Correct jetting helps notice the difference. If you are not going to jet for conditions then dont buy a pipe or power now. Just ride it stock. :cry:

Awesome product that works great with the WR450 exhaust cam low end hit! :cry: I am a believer! :cry:

hey dan, are you referring to the new piece that goes between the carb and the motor,or the the old one that goes between the airbox and carb? because i think they are talkin about the new one. :cry:

I have both ( Power Now & Power Now Plus)and the Power Now makes the most difference. The Plus is barely noticeable in my opinion. I just got it because the standard power now worked so well. :cry:

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