Newbie question: exhaust availability for 89 xr600r

Ok so I'm one of the newest members to the site. Hi everyone. It's been a while since I've been in the dirt and I am not real familiar with XRs, but I'm picking up an 89 for $500. It runs good and is in fair condition considering the age so it should be a good ride. I've been looking through some accessory suppliers and noticed that most of the exhausts available are for 85-87 and 91 and up. What's the deal, why are the 88-90 models left out? Is there some reason the 88-90 models are unique?

I have a 86 XR600 and I got my exhaust from an 88 XR because it is Stainless steel and seems to be a great system. I did, however replace the rear tip with an aftermarket


On the 88 and 89 xr's they went to twin head pipes that where independent all the way back to the muffler which had two inlet pipes on the unit. They then went back to the two into one head pipe and the muffler with one inlet. After market pipes are non existent for those years anymore. You can replace the twin head pipes with the newer two into one head pipe and then get a wide range of end pipes from aftermarket suppliers. It will switch right out and bolt right up on your 89. Have fun with the new ride :cry:

Thanks for the explanation. I could tell from reading this site for a couple weeks that someone would have the answer for me.

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